Artist Statement

I paint to discover my inner self, my soul. Nurturing the soul, having it permeate every aspect of life, is the way toward an authentically fulfilling life. I strive to find authenticity in my life through my painting.

Abstract and non-objective painting is a journey of self discovery. Each painting is a new quest: The materials and I are blank canvases, without preconceptions. I remove myself from the process as I become the channel of shape, color, line, texture and form. I find my inspiration and my authenticity in return. The painting is finished when we are one.

“How long does it take to complete a painting?” is the question every artist is asked. “A lifetime,” is my answer. My paintings come from my entire life’s experience: The techniques, colors, applications, and the finished painting itself present my life.

My paintings are complex: Color, texture, method, material, application, style, and technique constantly change as the unpredictable, intuitive challenge unfolds on the canvas. It is exciting to recognize myself on the canvas, to know a painting is complete.